Seers is delighted to join the London Partner’s Business Growth Programme,



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Tuesday, 4th April 2019


Seers is delighted to join the London  Partners’ Business Growth Programme, in
partnership with the Mayor of London.

Business Growth program is replete with guidance, skills development, and support
which escalates the potential and growth of companies. In case of any hindrance
intimidating any business growth, it provides strategic solutions and eliminates the
barriers. The solutions include mentoring, workshops, business growth advice and
opportunities across network.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said, “London has a burgeoning tech scene, from
artificial intelligence to virtual reality and cybersecurity – and through our new tech
the initiative, we are determined to ensure that small businesses can tap into the benefits
that these new technologies offer.”

Adnan Zaheer, CEO of London based Data protection and privacy specialist Seers
Group said:

We are excited to have joined the Business Growth Programme. We believe Seers’s
service brings a vital solution to the increasing cyber threat and non-compliance of Data
Protection and Privacy regulations and our association with the Mayor of London 
The program will bring valuable expertise to our business.”

He added, “We are also looking at innovative ways to help Small and Medium
Enterprises in compliance with the regulations at an affordable price.

Seers is the UK’s leader in Cybersecurity & Data protection. It provides access to an
extensive range of GDPR, Cyber Security & ePrivacy compliance tools, all designed to
take the hassle out of complying with the new data protection regulations.

About Seers Group

Seers’ privacy management software and data protection advisors platform is used by
hundreds of organisations to comply with data privacy regulations across sectors and
jurisdictions, including the GDPR, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations
(PECR) and ePrivacy (Cookie Law).

The SaaS software is deployed in an EU cloud and is based on a combination of
intelligent and regulator guidance-based questionnaires, and automated workflows.

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